The key elements of our strategy are as follows:

  • Develop and expand a balanced and diverse pipeline of ophthalmic products and product candidates. Our existing ophthalmic platform technologies include innovative diagnostics, devices and pharmaceutical products and product candidates in various commercial and clinical stages. We plan to add products and product candidates to our pipeline by expanding our current platform technologies to additional indications and through in-licensing and investing in new platform technologies, technologies, products and product candidates. By maintaining this multi-product approach, we aim to provide a broad and comprehensive product offering, which we believe will result in multiple value inflection events, reduced risks to our business associated with a particular product or product candidate and increased return on investment. Furthermore, product candidates that we develop may create attractive collaboration opportunities with diagnostics, devices and pharmaceutical companies. We also believe that current consolidation trends in the ophthalmic industry may lead to collaborations with other companies with respect to our platform technologies, products, product candidates or our entire business.
  • Target large and growing patient populations with significant unmet needs. Glaucoma, DES and AMD are medical conditions afflicting large and growing global patient populations, each with significant unmet medical needs such as reducing patient non-compliance with drug therapy administration, improving efficacy and safety of treatment, offering better diagnosis and optimizing delivery of medications. Our current products and product candidates are designed to address these unmet needs. In particular:
    • Our Eye-D insertable platform is a solution designed to address the widely recognized problem of patient non-compliance with prescribed eye-drop treatment.
    • Our IOPtiMate system is a solution designed to enable safer and more effective glaucoma surgery and is currently marketed and sold mainly in Asia and Europe.
    • Our TeaRx solution addresses the unmet need for objective, quantitative or semi-quantitative tests that enables accurate detection of DES, personalized therapy for DES patients and monitoring of the effectiveness of selected therapy.
    • Our OphRx’s LLC platform technology has the potential to provide a more efficient and safer delivery of ophthalmic drugs through eye drops, addressing three major unmet needs: patient non-compliance, efficacy and safety.
    • Lipicare develops micro-emulsion technology in order to facilitate the delivery of drug molecules, especially lipophilic drug molecules, to the eye addressing the high need for new drugs with better tolerability, efficacy with lower ocular and systemic side effects.
  • Maintain a global, diverse network of ophthalmic specialists to accelerate knowledge synergies and innovation. We utilize a global network of ophthalmic specialists to identify large and growing patient populations with significant unmet needs, evaluate and prioritize potential technologies, assist in designing development plans and treatment protocols and determine potential indications of our platform technologies to our target patient populations in various territories. Our network of ophthalmic specialists has already enabled us to focus the development of our current products and product candidates in a relatively short time period and in a cost-effective manner. We believe that maintaining this diverse network of ophthalmic specialists and industry specialists will allow us to continue to maximize knowledge and cost synergies, utilize shared commercial infrastructure across products, reduce risks of development and commercialization delays to our overall business and leverage our current and future platform technologies and technologies for additional products and product candidates.