DiagnosTear Ltd. – Approval to register patent to its TeaRx™ technology by the Israeli Patent Office

Tel Aviv (April 12, 2020) – BioLight is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, DiagnosTear Ltd. (“DiagnosTear“)[1], that is engaged in research, development and commercialization of a product that is based on DiagnosTear’s TeaRx ™ technology, which is used to diagnose, personalize treatment and monitor dry eye syndrome by examining the composition of the tear film (“Diagnostear Product”  and the “TeaRx ™ technology”), announced that it received an approval to register a patent from the Israeli Patent Office  (the “Patent“).

[1] Holding via XL Vision Sciences Ltd. (wholly owned subsidiary) approx. 89% of the issued and share capital of Diagnostear (approx. 86% fully diluted).


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