DiagnosTear Ltd. – Recruitment of first participant for additional clinical trial using the TeaRx™ technology

Tel Aviv (April 10, 2019) – BioLight is pleased to announce that on April 8, 2019, its subsidiary DiagnosTear Ltd. (“DiagnosTear“)[1], announced the recruitment of a first participant for an additional clinical trial to examine a product based on the TeaRx ™ technology, which is used to diagnose, personalize treatment and monitoring Dry eye syndrome by examining the composition of the tear film (the “Trial” and the “Product”).

The main objective of the Trial is to ensure the repeatability of the positive findings observed in the three previous clinical trials in the identification of dry eye patients from a population containing healthy and dry eye patients and for the purpose of expanding the clinical database and reconfirm the adjustments made to the Product, prior to the pivotal clinical trial in the USA for the purpose of obtaining approval from the FDA.

[1] Holding via XL Vision Sciences Ltd. (wholly owned subsidiary) approx. 89% of the issued and share capital of Diagnostear (approx. 86% fully diluted).


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