IOptima : First sale of the IOPtiMateTM System in China

Tel Aviv (September 27, 2018) – BioLight is pleased to announce that IOPtima Ltd. (“IOptima”)[1], announced first sale of its IOPtiMateTM System to a customer in China, a leading eye care hospital in said territory.

The sale was carried out through IOptima’s local distributor in China, which is the Chinese pharmaceutical company with which an agreement was signed on November 2017 for the acquisition and full acquisition of IOptima.

This report is published in accordance with BioLight’s policy regarding the publication of reports on each first sale of the IOPtiMateTM  System in a new territory.

[1] Following the completion of the second stage of the agreement for the investment in and the acquisition in stages of IOPtima by the Chinese pharmaceutical company, BioLight holds approx. 26% of the issued and fully paid up share capital of IOPtima (on a fully diluted basis).

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