IOptima (Subsidiary): Approval to register a patent in Canada

Tel Aviv (Sep 6, 2018) – BioLight is pleased to announce that today, its subsidiary IOptima Ltd., (“IOptima“)[1], announced it has received approval to register a patent from the Canadian Patent Office (the “Patent“).

The Patent, owned by IOptima, is designed to protect the core technology of the IOPtiMate™ system and its activity on the eye, for the purpose of a non-invasive procedure for the treatment of

glaucoma. The expiry date of the Patent, after its registration, is December 31, 2029.

[1] After completing the first phase of the investment and purchase agreement with the Chinese pharmaceutical company (the “Agreement”), BioLight holds, via XL Vision Sciences Ltd., 57% of the issued and share capital of IOptima (approximately 55% in full dilution). For additional information regarding the Agreement, please see Biolight’s report of March 29, 2018.

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