ViSci (Subsidiary): Approval to register an additional patent in Europe

Tel Aviv (March 14, 2019) – BioLight is pleased to announce that today, its subsidiary ViSci Ltd., (“ViSci“)[1], announced it has received approval to register a patent from the European Patent Office (the “Patent“).

The Patent, which joins patent families protecting ViSci ‘s Eye-D technology, and its first indication, the VS-101, which is an intraocular implant for controlled and delayed release for the treatment of glaucoma using latanoprost, (the “Device” and “ViSci’s Product”) protects the Device that is designed for localized sustained release of API, in particularly sub-conjunctively,  for the treatment of glaucoma and is intended to strengthen and thicken the protection of the ViSci’s product.

[1] Holding via XL Vision Sciences Ltd., 97% of the issued and share capital of ViSci.

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