Lipicare – Micro-emulsion technology for delivering ophthalmic drugs

Lipicare develops micro-emulsion technology in order to facilitate the delivery of drug molecules, especially lipophilic drug molecules, to the eye.

The micro-emulsion particles consist on a combination of phospholipids and triglycerides, uniformly spread into the tear film and creating a lipid shield on the tear film surface.


Stabilize the tear film, anchor the lipid phase to the underlying aqueous phase and maintain the lipid structure organized in an orderly and elastic manner


Reconstitute the physiological lipid shield, which controls the evaporation of tear film and its optical properties

The micro-emulsion technology is designed as a drug delivery platform and its unique pharmaceutical advantages include:

  • Incorporation of lipophilic drug molecules
  • Longer contact time between the drug and the eye surface
  • Combines hydrophilic and lipophilic molecules in one preparation
  • Present dual treatment in one drop
  • Present slow release capabilities with lipid solubility drugs

Lipicare aims to promote this unique technology to be a new category of ophthalmic drugs. The micro-emulsion technology would make ophthalmic drugs more efficient and would enable the formulations of patient friendly treatments.

A great deal of knowledge on the positive effects of our formulations on Dry-Eye and traumatic eye conditions would enable the company to develop the best ophthalmic products.