Mgr’ Rafael Ezra

CEO LipiCare

Mgr' Rafael Ezra

Mgr’ Rafael Ezra, Clinical-Pharmacist, leads Lipicare Pharmaceutical from its establishment at 2016Rafael has 20 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical and Clinical-Pharmacy fields and a deep understanding of the interactions between science and patients which lead his wide involvement in innovation health products.

Under his leadership, Lipicare Pharmaceuticals has completed the development of 6 innovative Ophthalmic products, all based on Nano-emulsion the core  technology of the company. Lipicare is consistently progressing towards manufacturing and launching its products in both the U.S and European markets.

Rafael holds a B.Sc from the school of Pharmacy in Brighton University, England and M.Sc  in Clinical-Pharmacy from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel.