Ron Neumann

CMO XLVision

Tel-Aviv University medical school graduate, “Magna Cum Laude”. Residency Ophthalmology program in Kaplan Hospital Ophthalmology Dept. Three years of clinical and research training program in “inflammatory Eye Diseases” in the Boston Harvard university program under the mentoring of Prof C.S. Foster. Retuning to Israel, Dr Neumann was engaged in twenty-five years of clinical experience in the field of Inflammatory Eye Diseases, mainly uveitis, autoimmune and allergic conditions.  Dr. neumann career was divided between “patient care” and executive pharmaceutical industry roles, mainly in drug development and medical affairs. This included leading the global medical affair group at Teva Pharmaceutical Ltd between 2002 and 2011. Following that Dr Neumann became the clinical lead for the  “Ophthalmology Therapeutic Area” at the global R&D group at Teva. In 2016 Dr Neumann left Teva and began consulting to pharma companies with special interest in Ophthalmology.

Since 1995 Dr Neumann was the founded and served as a co-chairperson of the International Symposium of Ocular Pharmacology” (ISOPT Clinical).